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Advanced Tickets

A Memorable Experience for Any Age

Quick Details

Advanced Ticket Ages 3+
Infant Ages 2 & Under

Our Memorable Advanced Experience

This 1.5-hour experience is interactive! Enjoy all the beginner animals plus muntjac deer, tortoises, and wallabies, and bottle feed a zebu calf, a goat, and a fawn. You also enter a heated and air-conditioned building where you can participate in “Cuddle Time” with chinchillas, hedgehogs, descended skunks, bunny rabbits, Guinea pigs, snakes, leopard geckos, ferrets, and sun conures.

Each experience is different, and groups that wish to stay together for their experience must all select one experience.

Make Memories that will last a lifetime!

What to Wear:

  • PLEASE wear play clothes and shoes.
  • Please don’t wear open-toed shoes.
  • Please DO NOT wear perfumes or perfumed lotions. (If you smell good, you taste good.)
  • DO NOT wear jewelry or anything that hangs from your clothing such as keys, scarves, etc.
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