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Zoo’Opolis Admission

Come Take Loads of Pictures and Make Memories For a Lifetime!

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 3-11
Infant Ages 2 and Under

Have some fun at Zoo’Opolis Bird Park

Guests will interact, hand feed and hold rare, brightly feathered unusual exotic birds. Hold a parrot from the amazon, dance with a cockatoo see pheasants, rare chickens, Beautiful white swans and Egyptian Geese and so much more! Come take loads of pictures and make memories for a lifetime! Come Experience the Fun and visit our 30+ habitats (and growing!).

Adult Tickets (Ages 12+)
Hand feed Swans, interact with large Parrots, Geese, Turkeys, unusual Chickens, Peafowl, and Ducks. Broadcast feed to some of the most colorful Pheasants you’ve ever seen! Enter Zoo’Opolis aviary where conures and cockatiels alight on your shoulder just to say “Hi”. Play with a young Macaw. Dance with a Cockatoo.  You are invited to take loads of pictures of endless smiles!

Child Tickets (Ages 3-11)
Introduce your little ones to the wonderous world of birds! Watch as they hand feed Geese, Ducks, Chickens, or Peafowl. Get a picture of them holding a Cockatiel on their finger or having a Parakeet alight on their shoulder. Our child ticket is a memorable experience!